I did it. I bought a fur hat & I can not wait to wear it.

I did it. I bought a fur hat & I can not wait to wear it.

Thought of the night. Rather of the morning.

Duplicity; A term defined as contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially : the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action

Our generation has become far to duplicitous. I feel like cutting the duplicity would solve so many peoples problems. Just be yourself. Be loyal be a friend be a good person. But never stoop so low as to act duplicitous.

It has sure been awhile

Have left my poor tumblr vacant to long. You all shall being hearing more from me.


I believe everyone is born into circumstances they have no control over. Situations that can be unpleasant, even dangerous at times. Those circumstances is what shapes the adolescents we become. But from there, we can choose the kind of person we develop in to. I say develop because learning positive habits is a process of repetition. An action repeated enough that it is committed to memory. Changing for the better is not something that happens overnight. But change is so easy, refreshing & natural that it is astounding to me the number of adults who’ve chosen to stay that same confused misguided adolescent. They are just trapped in a grown adult body. I can only hope & pray that someday those people will make those steps to change.